Venison / Elk Fresh Cuts

Please call, or CLICK HERE, to inquire about the current availability of fresh cuts

Venison / Elk London Broil

$15.00 Per Lb

Venison Steak

$15.00 Per Lb

Venison Loin Medallions

$26.00 Per Lb

Venison Loin Roast

$25.50 Per Lb

Venison Steak Tips

$14.75 Per Lb

Venison Cutlets

$20.00 Per Lb

Ground Venison

Available Fresh and Frozen

Ground Elk

Available Fresh and Frozen


Inquire Below for Availability of our Cuts

Or Call The Farm At 518-537-6397
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Highland Farm

Germantown, NY- 518-537-6397

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