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Emu Eggs

Our emu mob lays eggs from late December through early Spring. 
Emus (endemic to Australia) are the second largest living bird by height, second to the ostrich. They, like ostriches, are flightless birds, but they are able to run quite fast.  Surprisingly they can also jump well AND enjoy water and will swim and soak in the summer months. Hens are more dominant and aggressive than the males.  The males will form a nest and incubate and hatch the eggs.  Each emu hen lays an egg every 3-4 days, but they, like ostriches, are sensitive to environmental changes and can sometimes have extended egg-laying pauses during the laying season. Emu eggs are a beautiful emerald color. They are smaller in size than ostrich eggs, and equivalent to about 10-12 chicken eggs. 
The taste is similar to a chicken egg, and it is quite creamy when cooked up in a scramble.


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