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About Highland Farm Flocks & Mobs

We raise a variety of feathered friends at Highland Farm. Our large species (ostriches and emus), roam in pastures, and the smaller species free-range around the farm. We allow their natural instincts to dictate when they lay eggs, rather than supplement with artificial light to increase production, so our egg availability can be varied. Please fill out our request form at the bottom of the page to be added to our "Egg Alert" news blast to be notified when ostrich and emu eggs are available.


Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich eggs are typically available starting in May through early fall, with the most abundance in the middle of the summer. 


Emu Eggs

Emu eggs are typically available late December through very early spring. 

Guinea Fowl Eggs
Chicken Eggs
Duck Eggs

Duck, Chicken and Guinea Fowl eggs are available spring through fall. These are available for purchase at our farmers markets or via on-farm pickups. We generally do not ship these eggs.

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