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Ostrich Eggs

Typically available May through September


Our ostrich hens lay eggs seasonally from spring to early fall. Each hen lays an egg every few days, but will sometimes stop laying for periods of time due to weather or other factors. The eggs are pretty amazing! They are the largest egg laid by any living bird species, however, it is the smallest egg compared to the size of the bird. (Ostriches can weigh between 200-250 pounds - the original BIG BIRD!) The shell is about 2mm thick and resembles porcelain in both beauty and shine. It is mostly composed of crystalline calcite and is extremely strong.


A full egg can weigh up to 5 pounds, but they usually tip the scales around 3 1/2 pounds. The contents of the egg are equal to approximately 18-24 chicken eggs! That is enough egg to make breakfast for family AND friends! The flavor of ostrich egg is most similar to chicken eggs, and can be used for cooking and baking just like chicken eggs. Just don't try to crack the egg on the side of the bowl! We recommend using a dremel, saw or drill to get into the egg. We have more tips and tricks to share with you upon the purchase of an egg!   


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Feeling Crafty?

Ostrich eggshells are treasured by artists who often paint or carve them.

Check out our selection of

Crafting Eggshells

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