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Nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Highland Farm is proud to provide premium game meats to local and regional customers while maintaining the highest quality care for their animal herds and flocks

About Highland Farm

A second generation family farm located in the heart of the Hudson Valley. We are proud to provide premium game meats to local and regional customers while maintaining the highest quality care for our animal herds and flocks. Learn more about how we got our start and what sets us apart!

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Our History

Our Founding

Highland Farm was founded by the MacNamaras in the mid 1980s. The husband and wife duo brought decades of experience in caring for exotic animals in the zoological setting to their new farm venture. The property, a former dairy farm, was slowly transformed to safely and efficiently manage deer with the goal of adding other animals as well. Raising deer had been happening for a long time in other countries like New Zealand, but this was a fairly new idea for the United States and especially the Hudson Valley. 

The Early Days

The early days were filled with many ups and downs as they introduced people to the health benefits and delicate taste of pasture raised venison. Over the next 30+ years the farm expanded to work with several different game animal species including American buffalo, bighorn sheep, aoudads, ostriches, emus and other furred and feathered critters. On-site processing facilities allow the team to bring customers incredible fresh and expertly processed and packaged game meat proteins - from pasture to table. 

Todays Highland Farm

 Highland Farm is proud to be a second generation farm. The MacNamara’s youngest daughter, who also has a background in the zoological world, and her husband joined the operation in the spring of 2016. The farm is also a teaching site for other non-domestic animal farmers and zoo staff to gain experience in animal management. Read more about the specialty designed animal equipment and handling facilities here:


While many aspects of farming have changed over the past several decades, the original goal of bringing a healthier, responsibly raised, better meat to the region remains at the heart of the operation. Game meats such as venison and bison are packed with protein, boast low fat and cholesterol, feature a full complement of nutrients not found in domestic meat - all of these benefits AND a full, rich flavor!

The Game Meat Advantage

Gme meat adv

Game meat such as venison, elk, and bison offer distinct health advantages compared to domestic proteins. ​


Meat as nature intended.

Lean Protein

Game meat is leaner, lower fat and high in protein. Game animals grow slowly, taking 2+ years to reach adult size. This results in lean muscle mass with very little fat. Domestic animals are bred to grow quickly and put on muscle and fat quickly. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Powerhouse

Omega-3s are essential for balanced nutrition.. Researchers found that the mixture of fats found in game meat offer balanced omega 3s and lower in cholesterol, which can lessen the risk of chronic disease.

Great source of iron and zinc

Game meat is also a good source of iron and zinc, which are beneficial minerals necessary for balanced health. Iron is necessary for oxygen to travel to tissues and organs while zinc provides support for a healthy immune system.


Farm Raised

The Farm Raised Advantage


We are big fans of game meat, and have many friends and family that are avid hunters. We are often asked what is the difference between farm raised venison versus hunted venison.  When it comes to farm raised venison you can expect a milder and more tender protein compared to hunted meat.


 Farm raised deer receive regular care including well checks and plenty of nutrition, including local hay and Hudson Valley apples and pumpkins in season. Hunted animals graze and browse on various plants and vegetation which can influence the flavor of the meat, sometimes unfavorably


Our animals are harvested between 1 to 2 years of age to ensure the meat is tender, opposed to hunted animals that can be of varied ages. Older animals can be tougher and more pungent in flavor. 


​We process the animals quickly and efficiently on the farm. Hunted animals sometimes need to be tracked for hours before they can be retrieved and field dressed. If the blood sits in the meat for a prolonged time it can cause a metallic, unfavorable flavor.


The bottom line is that farm raised game meat is tender and delicate in flavor. It does not have the gamey flavor of hunted meat. We find hunters and non-hunters alike enjoy our premium game meats.

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