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We've paired some of our favorite cuts of meat with our artisanal seasoning blends. Select THREE pairings. A wonderful gift idea or stock up your freezer and pantry with a fun assortment of goodies!


Enjoy our perfectly balanced and blended seasonings. They are portioned in 2oz packets, which is plenty for multiple meals!


Spice descriptions:

Our Cowboy Dust is a must! Our spin on a coffee rub. It creates a full flavored, earthy crust with a great blend of coffee and spices with minimal salt.


The Beast Blend is a balanced blend of sweet and smoky spices with minimal salt. Full flavored with minimal salt!  A great seasoning for venison, elk and bison!


The Ancho Chili Lime is a fun, festive spice blend. Bright citrus notes paired with smoky and sweet ancho chili - big on flavor, light on salt.. Great with all of our lean red meats and small game as well!

Seasoned Chef Selection

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