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The Griller’s Box is a great treat for the backyard BBQ enthusiast. Highland Farm fresh venison and elk will tantalize your tastebuds with full flavor and low fat! All cuts are flash frozen to preserve the delicate flavor and packaged in durable vacuum seal pouches.


1 - Venison Steak (12oz)

1 - Elk Patties (4 patties, 1lb)

1 - Venison Patties (4 patties, 1 lb)

1 - Venison Sausage or Hot Dogs* (8-10oz) **

*Sausages and Hot Dogs include pork. 

**Customer will receive one of the following items - Elk Hot Dogs, Bison Hot Dogs, Venison Kielbasa, Venison Andouille, Venison Garlic Sausage, or seasonal offering depending on availability.

Griller’s Box

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