Full Deer Package

Full Deer Package


Stock your freezer with perfectly trimmed, portioned and packaged farm raised venison. This package contains a great selection of tender and tasty cuts perfect for any venison fanatic. All portions are vacuum-sealed, labeled and flash-frozen.


Cuts and Portions:

Venison Loin Roast - 6 pounds (4 Roasts)

Venison Steak - 10 pounds (10-14 portions)

Venison Medallions - 2 pounds (4 portions)

Venison Cutlets - 2 pound (4 portions)

Venison Stew-  4 pounds (4 portions)

Ground Venison - 4 pounds (4 portions)


  • Prep time

    Although we try to have our Full deer package in stock at all times, we might need a little extra time to prepare it for shipment. We appreciate your patience and know that you wont be disapointed.