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Choose your own meat adventure with our FARMER'S FEAST. Select delicious, unique, farm fresh goodies for every meal of the day ~ fresh from Highland Farm!


Starting with a breakfast option - select wild boar bacon (12oz), brown sugar maple venison breakfast sausage (16oz), or venison bangers (16oz)

**Pair this with a farm fresh OSTRICH egg for an outstanding breakfast!


Next select a snack - a bundle of assorted snack sticks (6 - 1 oz sticks) or a bag of our venison steak jerky (4oz)


For lunch select - zesty venison italian sausage (16oz) ,  jalapeno cheddar elk bratwurst (16oz) or elk hot dogs (16oz)


For an appetizer select - venison summer sausage (6oz), wild boar bbq summer sausage (6oz) or elk cheddar burgandy summer sausage PAIRED with a block of delicious smoked cheddar cheese (8oz)


Lastly, for dinner select - a pair of elk steaks (14oz each) , a pair of venison steaks (14oz each) or a pair of bison ribeye (12oz each)

Farmer's Feast

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