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Stock your freezer with delicious Highland Farm venison and elk products that will surely spice up your meals. Add ground venison or elk to any dish that uses ground beef for a healthy and flavorful recipe upgrade. Check out our recipe section for some simple yet decadent preparations for the venison medallions.  Cuts are flash-frozen to preserve the delicate flavor and packaged in a durable vacuum seal pouch.


1 - Ground Venison (1 lb)

1 - Ground Elk (1 lb)

1 - Venison Medallions (8 oz)

2 - Venison Sausage or Hot Dogs* (8-10oz each)**

*Sausages and Hot Dogs include pork. 

**Customer will receive two of the following items - Venison Hot Dogs, Venison Kielbasa, Venison Andouille, Venison Garlic Sausage, Venison Smoked Sausage, Venison Pepperoni, or seasonal offering depending on availability.

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