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When we say Apple Smoked, we mean smoked with apples. We take apples after they have been crushed to produce Hudson Valley Ciders, dry them and add them to hickory and maple wood chips in the smoker. The result is a sweet and savory bacon that comes sliced for your convenience. As with all Bacon at Highland Farm, each slab is pressure cured to greatly reduce shrinking while being cooked. Delicious!!

Apple Smoked Bacon (8oz)

  • We ship via UPS or FedEx. Each shipment is packed in an  insulated box, with plastic liner and reusable frozen gel packs to insure freshness. All products are shipped frozen or fresh. Freeze or refrigerate upon receipt. Unopened vacuum packed products can remain refrigerated for 14 days and frozen for one year. Freezing in the vacuum pack does not alter the fine quality and texture of the meat. 

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