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About Our Meats


Venison is the ultimate red meat. It is higher in protein, has less saturated fat and fewer calories then beef. This Heart Healthy red meat also has less cholesterol then turkey and chicken and is high in iron. 

Our Deer are farm raised on pasture and fed locally grown hay and grain, which helps produce the delicate flavor and superb tenderness of our venison

Red deer Stag stare down
American Bison getting ready for winter

American Buffalo

American Buffalo meat not only tastes sweeter and richer than a high-quality cut of beef, it’s much leaner and more nutritionally dense. Eating American Buffalo adds about 69% more iron to your diet than beef. It also has higher levels of vitamins and minerals, plus twice as much Beta-Carotene as other red meats. And even though bison meat is very lean, it is high in essential fatty acids with an excellent ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 acids.

Ostrich Eggs

One Ostrich egg is equivalent to about 18-24 chicken eggs.  Ostrich egg can be used in place of chicken eggs in any recipe. Ostrich eggs have a slightly richer flavor and light and fluffy texture. It is the perfect novelty for anyone needing to feed (and impress!) a crowd at a party. Once emptied into a container, the contents of the ostrich egg can easily be frozen to be used at a later date. Ostrich egg is fabulous for making omlettes, quiches and frittatas. 

Farm raised Boar
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