Highland Farm Meat Master - 3 Month Subscription

Highland Farm Meat Master - 3 Month Subscription


Enjoy 3 months of premium game meats delivered right to your doorstep!


Month 1: Griller’s Box

1 - Venison Steak (12oz)

1 - Elk Patties (4 patties, 1lb)

1 - Venison Patties (4 patties, 1 lb)

1 - Venison Sausage or Hot Dogs* (8-10oz) 


Month 2: Grill Master Box

1 - Venison Steak (12 oz)

1 - Elk Steak (1 lb)

1 - Bison Top Sirloin Steak (12 oz)


Month 3: Wild Game Cheeseburger Box

1 pound of ground meat or pre-formed patties - select either venison or elk.

1 package of bacon - select apple smoked bacon, 10 clove garlic bacon or wild boar bacon.

1 block of smoked cheddar cheese (8oz)


A 3 month subscription to Highland Farm's Better Meats is a fun gift to give and a wonderful gift to receive! This is a great way to try some new products. Each month a special box arrives filled with delicious goodies!


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